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Benefit from a modular spray booth filter at your business in Auckland

At Viking Filters we take pride in being an industry leader and are excited to offer our exceptional modular spray booth filters. Each filter is manufactured onsite with locally sourced, biodegradable materials. Servicing in Auckland and beyond, you can collect from us by arrangement or we can ship nationally, using a freight forwarding company. Don’t hesitate to call our office in Auckland today for more information.

Range of applications

No matter the application, you may be able to benefit from implementing a modular spray booth filter through the processes of your business. The filters can be used for a range of applications and in a variety of industries such as:
  • Joinery, cabinet-making, furniture - where sprayed lacquer/ enamel finishers are used
  • Powder coating on a variety of products
  • vehicle, machinery and truck painting
  • In dust extraction systems

Product features

The patented Viking modular spray booth filters have a number of desirable features for your specific needs in Auckland and beyond:
  • Available in 4-metre booth packs, 84 filters in the carton
  • 900mm long, 100mm wide, 50 mm deep
  • A longer life than other filter available
  • No need to change ALL booth paper, just the dirty modules
  • Can fit any dry backed booth that uses paper filters
  • Low resistance to air flow
  • Strong, does not collapse when laden with paint
  • Lacquer over-spray can be easily brushed off
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