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Exceptional paint filters for your requirements in Auckland

Viking Filters is proud to deliver excellence when it comes to spray booth paint filters throughout Auckland and beyond. We have performed comprehensive evaluations to ensure our filters can effectively prevent paint overspray in the air. After a lengthy period of setting up and establishing an experiment technique, five separate trials were conducted. We are now proud to present the exceptional finished product.

Our origins

Current partner and operator Debbie Kelly is managing the business with family support manufacturing Spray booth paint filters in Auckland. At the time of acquiring the business in 1999, a purpose-built 20-year-old machine was being used to make the filters. We have since upgraded our operations; however the machine still proves to be efficient.
Our clients

Our clients

Our paint filters have become known in Auckland and beyond and are successfully used in a number of applications, including vehicle/ machinery painting, power coating as well as the joinery, cabinet making and furniture industries. While it is a niche market, we already have a steady customer base using our filters in the above industries. 
Using paint filters in Auckland

How the filters work

The secret of our system lies in the air moving through it to change direction, which therefore causes particles to drop onto the paper surface. It’s an inexpensive system that can be easily installed and replaced. Depending on their use our filters will only need replacing 3-4 times a year.
How the filters work
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